Ethical Search Engine Optimization

A search engine is an internet tool that enables us to search for any information or any other form of data. Ethical means something that is accepted as being right basing on some set of accepted principles. However some act might be ethical to a particular person and unethical to another. Coming up with an […]

Top Search Engine Marketing Tools for website success

There are a lot of tools in the market nowadays to advertise businesses online. There was a time when there were physical paper directories where one could list their businesses and services. However, with the age of technology, those directories have mostly become obsolete. More and more people prefer to find business and services online […]

Tips to make more sales from e-commerce website this Christmas season

Research has suggested that Christmas can boost online sales of e-commerce sites. This holiday season usually makes up about 20% to 30% of a website’s annual income. People also go through websites looking for deals on cyber Monday. In order to maximize sales, tempting offers should be more visible on the websites and discounts should […]

Website Design for Cheap

FIZ Media and Marketing its best offer ever. For Cyber Monday you can get a website design for your company for FREE! That is correct. A three page professionally designed website for Free. All you will pay for is domain name and hosting for the year which is only $120.00 and that is it. No […]

SEO Tips that you just must do

You know, it’s not that hard when it comes to search engine optimization, very often it’s not because of the complexity of it but rather your laziness. All you have to do is to spend some time reading some SEO tips over the internet and implement what you learn to your exisiting website and you […]

20 colour tips for web pros

20 colour tips for web pros Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the colour scheme for your website. Remember that there are always some superb exceptions to the rule (see 13), so don’t be afraid to experiment… More To Explore