Ethical Search Engine Optimization

A search engine is an internet tool that enables us to search for any information or any other form of data. Ethical means something that is accepted as being right basing on some set of accepted principles. However some act might be ethical to a particular person and unethical to another. Coming up with an ethical search engine is quite challenging. It should possess the following characteristics: It should enhance to greater heights what the majority claims to be good, it should mostly produce what is deemed good and do little or no harm at all, aid enable everybody in our societies to share the available resources in a much better way, support the development of various traits which are seen by everybody in the society as being positive and cover the rights of people that interact with it in any way. I.e. searchers, site owners etc

The people searching for information are glad when they type something in the search engine and get the results they were expecting. This is ethical. However, it will be unethical if they are Malicious SEO developers can sometimes develop SEO that redirects you to advertisements. Therefore, they should meet the customers’ needs if they are to enjoy a very high number search engine of usage. They do this by improving the quality and quantity of the search results. As the number of customers increase, the probabilities of business activities increase in a particular website. This will of course enable the owners to earn more money.

You as a searcher should be responsible too so as to be more successful in your endeavors: You should be able to notice advertisements that were intentionally placed in the search result feed, be ready to accept the terms of service any where you come across them, you should have knowledge of some technical issues that might arise during your activity and use the appropriate modifiers and tools that narrow your search to specific things.

The developed search engine should have the following responsibilities: They should crawl the web, doesn’t unnecessarily strain the servers at any one time, obey all the laws provided, give quality search results, provide a good or fair representation of websites in search results and obey robot standards.

On the other hand, the site owners should also be responsible in a number of ways so as to enhance the ethicality of search engines. Firstly, their websites should be of quality standards and appealing to both the eye and market ventures. They should obey all the terms of service indicated and have the capacity to market the sites in any way possible. E.g. link usage. Moreover, they should regularly correct any error that comes up in the architecture or in the usability. Finally, they should be able to change the content if needed so as to suite a particular targeted market. It is so vivid that devotion is required from all stakeholders if better results are to be achieved.

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