Tips to make more sales from e-commerce website this Christmas season

Research has suggested that Christmas can boost online sales of e-commerce sites. This holiday season usually makes up about 20% to 30% of a website’s annual income. People also go through websites looking for deals on cyber Monday. In order to maximize sales, tempting offers should be more visible on the websites and discounts should be offered to target more deal seeking customers.

In order to get more online sales, a few pointers can be helpful. One of the most crucial parts of online sales is to keep track of which item sold the most online. Keeping that in mind put that particular product or service as the starting point on your website to target more customers.
Identifying which product or service has been gaining popularity in the past year can be helpful. Look at the trends and use that to establish which product or service will help you make more sales online through their popularity. Make sure you put them on your home page to grab customers’ attention. Thirdly, some items or services may have sold last year but now are going out of fashion and losing popularity. Those that are outdated need to be phased out and removed from the main page.

One of the most important things is to ensure you are checking your competitors and what they are offering. Do a thorough research on your competitors to determine whether they are selling any products at lower price? Are they offering free shipping? Do they have better warranty? What kind of product images and description have they added on the website? All these factors will help you keep your items in check and make more sales in turn.

With digital gadgets increasing, having an online responsive website is very helpful. About 15% of online sales are done on mobile phones, and that is increasing over time. Thus, responsive websites contribute greatly to websites popularity nowadays. Offering gift wrapping as an option during holiday season can go a long way so spend a little and make more sales.

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